5 Top-Rated Safety Vehicles in 2020

We thought we would have flying cars by now but that’s not the case. And in a world full of distracted drivers and texting while operating a moving vehicle, maybe it’s a good thing that we’re sticking to the roads for a while longer. Since we’re all staying down here on the asphalt, we’re going to roll out some insight on a few of the top-rated safety picks for 2020.

2020 Honda Insight

2020 Honda Insight

With 5 stars for NHTSA Safety Ratings and good results for all of the IIHS Safety Ratings, the Honda Insight offers some modern features that can put your mind at ease. Electronic Stability Control, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Keeping Assist will keep you and your family in the proper traffic lane. The U.S. News and Consumer Report gives this four-door sedan a 10.0 safety rating.

2020 Subaru Forester SUV AWD

2020 Subaru Forester

A compact SUV with room for five, this vehicle has an overall NHTSA safety rating of 5 stars. It has spacious seating and cargo, excellent fuel economy, and is a quiet, smooth ride. The U.S. News and Consumer Report gives the Subaru Forester a safety rating of 9.8.

2020 Toyota Camry

2020 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has been around since the early ’80s, often a teen’s first car. Because it was reliable and safe, mom and dad were comfortable handing over the keys. And the 2020 version is no different. This 4-door sedan has top marks across the board, including the IIHS, NHTSA, and the U.S. News and Consumer Report. Included in this version are the Lane Assist options that ensure the driver doesn’t drift out of their traffic lane.

2020 KIA Forte

2020 KIA Forte

KIA has become a very popular make of car over the last decade and for good reason. Comfortable and spacious, this 4-door compact car also gets high safety ratings. IIHS and NHTSA have both given this zippy little car good ratings and the U.S. News and Consumer Report landed on a 9.5 safety rating.

2020 Audi Q5

2020 Audi Q5

This luxury compact SUV has lots of new safety features that will make you feel more relaxed about arriving safely to your destination. Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors, Blind Spot Monitor, Auto-Leveling Headlights, and Cross- Traffic Alert all make you more visible and make everything around the vehicle more visible to you. The Audi may come with a steeper price tag but the safety ratings of are also up on the higher end. With top marks from IIHS and NHTSA and a 9.5 rating from the U.S. News and Consumer Report, you’ll be cruising in luxury and style.

Always do some research of your own before purchasing a vehicle. Make sure it’s the right fit for all of the needs of you and your loved ones, especially in the safety department. And if a car salesman tells you the vehicle can also fly… run.


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