Car Adventures!

Feeling a little stuck? Don’t worry! You can still do some pretty fun things in your own car! We found some adventures that you can go on right here in Virginia. Check them out! Scenic Drive Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive – Enjoy the views and the cool mountain air. Need to stretch your legs? […]

Road Trip Mixes

If you’re on the road a lot, you know that you need some good tunes and great snacks to ensure a fun trip. Pairing together a good playlist and some tasty treats can be a lifesaver… LITERALLY! No one likes a hangry driver. And studies have shown that listening to music in the car can […]

Top 5 Things to Know about Purchasing Commercial Vehicles

Looking into getting your business on the road with a fleet of vehicles? Don’t be too scared… here are some tips that can help! 1. Register the Vehicles under Your Business Make sure that when you register your commercial vehicles, you do so under the business name. This will save you money and headache down […]

Fleet Maintenance – We Come to You

Our customers look forward to peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is in good hands. They also love the fact that we come to them. Whether they’re at the office, stuck on the side of the road, or at home, we make sure that our clients are taken care of when it fits their […]

Top 5 Off-Road Vehicles

Now is a great time to escape the hustle and bustle of juggling work, home, kids, and pandemic scares… take an afternoon or two to go off-roading! Need a vehicle for that? We have a few favorites that will get you out of the house and on top of a mountain… or wherever else you’d […]

Beat the Heat – Car Maintenance in Summer

Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road during the hot hot months of summer because of an issue with their car! Stay ahead of the game with these tips to keep your car running as cool and smoothly as possible. CHECK YOUR BATTERY – When we think of car battery issues, […]

Muscle Cars for Dad

To celebrate Father’s Day, we just wanted to gather together a bunch of awesome pictures of awesome cars. The beauty of these machines speaks volumes. Happy Father’s Day! ‘62 Chevrolet Corvette – ‘62 Chevy Impala – ‘67 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang – ‘68 Yenko Camaro – ‘74 Ford Gran Torino – Featured Image

Teach an Old Tire New Tricks

Next time you change your tires, don’t just throw the old ones away! Repurpose them! Here are 5 ideas to upcycle that old rubber: Tire Planter – A little paint and a handsaw turns an old tired into a pretty pot for your favorite plant! Check out this link for instructions. Basic Tire Swing – […]

Battle of the Minivans

On the market for a new family vehicle? We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for some of the top minivans available. 2020 Honda Odyssey Starting price – $32,000 PROS: Spacious and practical, high tech features, reconfigurable seating, plenty of cargo room CONS: Rear seats are heavy and hard to remove, not a ton […]

Save Big with a Little Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that problems are caught before they become emergencies. A vehicle in need of maintenance isn’t going to get any better without a mechanic. In fact, the longer you go without having it looked at, the higher the chances are that further problems with pop up. And, as we all know, adding more […]