Beat the Heat – Car Maintenance in Summer

Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road during the hot hot months of summer because of an issue with their car! Stay ahead of the game with these tips to keep your car running as cool and smoothly as possible.


When we think of car battery issues, it’s usually during cold weather when the car just won’t start. Some of THOSE battery problems may stem from warmer weather earlier in the year. Make sure your battery is secured firmly in the engine. Vibrations can cause damages. Check your terminals for corrosion and buildup. Make sure the terminals and the clamps themselves are clean.


When you’re on the road, you’re usually not alone. And that means that you need to be prepared for OTHER cars to malfunction. Check your brakes to make sure you’re not going to further complicate a breakdown with an accident.


During the heat, it’s important to maintain a good cooling system and have it flushed once in a while. Check coolant levels – if these are low, add more coolant mixed 1 part coolant with 1 part water. DO NOT TOUCH the coolant cap while the engine is hot from being on. Opening the coolant tank can result in injury from pressure release and coolant splash. Check all rubber components (hoses & drive belts) to the cooling system for cracks or splits. Check all fluids: oil, transmission, power steering, & brake fluids.


When the temperature of the asphalt and the tire itself is too high, an under-inflated tire can easily blowout. Check all of the tires, including the spare, based on the factory recommendations for your vehicle, not the tire itself. This information can be found on the inside of your car door jam or in your vehicle manual.


Replace this component as needed. It maximizes airflow and cooling within the vehicle.


Get a car kit ready just in case. Already have one? It could probably do with a refresh… check expiration dates. Make sure any water bottles are covered to prevent a car fire- the plastic and water can create a magnifying glass of sorts when the sun passes through at the right angle. We compiled a pretty comprehensive list for you, read more here.

Stay safe and stay cool!

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