Car Crafts for Kids

Looking for things to do with the little ones at home? Here are some fun car crafts to keep them busy, having fun, and learning!

Cardboard tube cars


Turn your trash into treasure by reusing those coveted toilet paper roll tubes. A little paint and other crafty materials and your kids will be racing in no time! Don’t have the wooden wheels or dowel rods? No problem! Use cardboard to cut out circles and some pencils for axles. Click here to learn more.

Erupting Car Wash –


With some common household supplies like vinegar and baking soda, you can make the kids create their own bubbling car wash! Set up a soapy water station to rinse and you have a fun activity that ALSO makes them clean their own toys. WIN WIN! Find out more details here.

Pixar Cars Popsicle Stick Craft –


Popsicle sticks, paint, and some construction paper can bring the kids’ favorite talking cars straight into your home. Swap out the hot glue gun for Elmers for a super kid safe project. Click here for instructions.

Writing the Alphabet –


It’s always awesome to combine fun and learning, especially with the little ones. Use washable paint, toy cars, and paper to roll out the ABCs. After they’re done, you can always break out that erupting car wash!

Recycled City Streets –


This activity is so versatile… use any recycling to create different kinds of buildings! Just need some foam or construction paper cut outs for windows and some double sided tape to create a tiny city. Afterwards, they can pretend to be Godzilla and “destroy” the town!

We hope you and the little ones enjoy these fun activities at home. Upload pictures of the results of your car crafts onto Facebook and tag us @professionaltireva! We’d love to see them.

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