Mike’s Winter Weather Driving Tips

The weather outside may not be frightful yet but it has the potential to turn at any moment. Always be prepared for driving in the ice and snow with these quick tips: REMOVE SNOW FROM CAR- avoid snow flying off and distracting you or another vehicle HEADLIGHTS – keep them on, regardless of time of […]

Emergency Road Kit Checklist

You want your family to be safe and sound, so you buy a car with high marks for safety ratings. You drive carefully. Before turning, you check both ways – twice. You always wear your seatbelts and make sure car seats are strapped in properly. You check the tires and the gas and the oil. […]

5 Top-Rated Safety Vehicles in 2020

We thought we would have flying cars by now but that’s not the case. And in a world full of distracted drivers and texting while operating a moving vehicle, maybe it’s a good thing that we’re sticking to the roads for a while longer. Since we’re all staying down here on the asphalt, we’re going […]

What is Traction Control?

Traction control can be a bit confusing at times, and we wanted to dive into that a bit further for our audience. Traction control is an active vehicle safety feature designed to help vehicles make effective use of all the traction available on the road when accelerating on low-friction road surfaces. When a vehicle without traction control […]