Top 5 Things to Know about Purchasing Commercial Vehicles

Looking into getting your business on the road with a fleet of vehicles? Don’t be too scared… here are some tips that can help! 1. Register the Vehicles under Your Business Make sure that when you register your commercial vehicles, you do so under the business name. This will save you money and headache down […]

Battle of the Minivans

On the market for a new family vehicle? We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for some of the top minivans available. 2020 Honda Odyssey Starting price – $32,000 PROS: Spacious and practical, high tech features, reconfigurable seating, plenty of cargo room CONS: Rear seats are heavy and hard to remove, not a ton […]

Famous Cars in Movie History

We love cars. And we love movies! When cars are featured prominently in movies, it’s the best of both worlds! Here are a few of the most notable vehicles in cinematic history:  Back to the Future (1985) 1981 DMC DeLorean While the DeLorean became a household name because of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, it […]

What is Traction Control?

Traction control can be a bit confusing at times, and we wanted to dive into that a bit further for our audience. Traction control is an active vehicle safety feature designed to help vehicles make effective use of all the traction available on the road when accelerating on low-friction road surfaces. When a vehicle without traction control […]