Mike’s Winter Weather Driving Tips

The weather outside may not be frightful yet but it has the potential to turn at any moment. Always be prepared for driving in the ice and snow with these quick tips:

Photo by Steve Long on Unsplash
  • REMOVE SNOW FROM CAR- avoid snow flying off and distracting you or another vehicle
  • HEADLIGHTS – keep them on, regardless of time of day
  • NO CRUISE CONTROL – you need to stay in control of acceleration and deceleration at all times
  • TURNING – slow down before turning, keep your foot off the brake and gas while in the turn, accelerate after turn is complete
  • DRIVE SLOWLY – maintain posted speed limits or lower
  • INCREASE FOLLOWING DISTANCE – put some space between your car and the next in case of slippage or the need for sudden braking
  • NO DISTRACTIONS – put down the cheeseburger and the phone… you’re going to need all your attention on the road
  • CAR CHECK – make sure your car is good to go – check the gas, oil, antifreeze, and tire tread before a big storm. (Or we can do it for you!)
  • GET UNSTUCK – Keep kitty litter, rock salt, or sand in your trunk. If your car gets stuck in snow or ice, sprinkle the litter in front of and behind each tire. Shovel a path for the tires and sprinkle litter there too. Remove snow from the car grille to avoid overheating. Accelerate slowly to try to move forward. If you’re attempting to rock backwards and forwards, don’t rush between drive and reverse… it can damage the transmission.

Photo by Ryan Wu on Unsplash

Drive safe and give us a call if you need maintenance or tires on your vehicle!


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