Teach an Old Tire New Tricks

Next time you change your tires, don’t just throw the old ones away! Repurpose them! Here are 5 ideas to upcycle that old rubber:

Tire Planter –

A little paint and a handsaw turns an old tired into a pretty pot for your favorite plant! Check out this link for instructions.

Basic Tire Swing –

Why mess with a classic?! Create a basic tire swing with some chains, hardware, and a drill.

Rope Ottoman –

Glam up that old tire with rope, hot glue, and some patience. Your friends will be shocked that you have a tire in your living room! Click here for DIY steps.

Tractor Tire Sandbox –

This one is pretty self explanatory… you just need access to a big tractor tire and a bunch of sand! Jazz it up with a beach umbrella. Here’s how to do it.

Hanging Tire Planter –

A rope or chain and some paint will make this a quick and pretty project. Fill the bottom with dirt and add your favorite colorful flowers. Learn more here.

Hope these inspired your creative side. Enjoy working on your projects!

Featured Image Sources: 1 & 2


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